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Fall in love with your work again with careers coach Zoe Hendricks

I’m often asked about career coaching and what it actually is… and I love to answer this question because it’s so much more than helping someone to ‘get another job’ (of course, career coaching certainly helps people to do this), but I guess in a nutshell career coaching helps you to solve a career dilemma. So, this could mean helping you to change career direction, progress your career, improve your salary or pave the way to return to work after a period of time off, or it could mean helping you through a situation at work which is impacting your job satisfaction – this may be challenges you experience with people, the culture, fitting in, being heard, coping with tasks, feeling a lack of responsibility, or perhaps just a general feel of unrest.

Career coaching essentially gives you some dedicated space and time to think and explore what’s going on for you, unpack the issues and develop new perspectives and approaches to tackling those issues, and by doing this it can ultimately improve your happiness at work.

A professional career coach will help you overcome things that get in your way from achieving satisfaction and wellbeing at work. So I’m going to share a few coaching tips for you to think about when approaching your own career challenges:

Get Self-Aware

At the very heart of your career is you! But all too often we don’t spend nearly enough time considering who we are, what makes us tick, our natural skills, abilities, interests and values. Try setting some time aside to really think about these things and consider how your work might feed into this. Gaining a clearer picture of what motivates and lights you up can help you make better career choices.

How Do You Decide?

Do you ever think about HOW you make career decisions? Are you a ‘go with the flow type’ person, preferring to go with your gut instinct? Or maybe you prefer a logical approach to making career decisions and like to make a pro’s and con’s list, working with facts and information. Stuck over a career decision? Try dipping into the opposite way you would normally approach making a decision, and see what’s revealed.

See the Opportunity

Look for the possibilities in your career. Do your research and find out what opportunities may be open to you. How can you aspire to be something you don’t know about? There are some great information resources in racing, such as Racing Welfare’s Careers Advice & Training Service or Careers in Racing websites that are packed with different jobs and careers information. Connect with others and get involved in projects or initiatives that can get you talking to people who work in roles that appeal to you. Use events to network a little, discover more about the working world around you to continue unearthing new horizons and fresh opportunities.

How’s your Employability?

What I mean by this, is how employable are you? It’s not just the practical things such as job search techniques, interview skills, getting your CV on point, or your social media profile that can be brushed up to help you get on, it’s your softer skills such as confidence, resilience, negotiation or leadership skills that you can work on to boost your chances. Look out for free online courses that can help you skill up and then apply them as you move through your career.

Ultimately, my greatest tip would be for you to know that whatever stage of career you are at, you ARE able to develop, grow and change. One of the best things about my job is seeing the transformation in people who come to coaching feeling unhappy or stuck in their career, believing that things can’t change, only to go on to thrive and flourish after our sessions. I see it time and again, and can’t say enough how a little career coaching can make the greatest impact in loving your work again.


Call us 24/7 through Racing’s Support Line on 0800 6300 443 to speak to a careers coach and make the most of your career in racing.