Writing a Cover Letter

Tips and templates for writing a cover letter

Cover letter tips

What is a cover letter?

1.  A typed cover letter will be neater and easier to read, compared with a hand-written cover letter, and can be emailed and uploaded electronically, as well as printed out as a hard copy.

2.  Use a standard font, such as Arial.

3.  Keep it simple, make sure you use the correct format (click here for a template) and that your letter is broken down into easy to read paragraphs.

4.  The length of your letter should be no more than one page.

5.  Make sure that you include information that will encourage the reader to look at your CV or application form, such as experience and personal attributes.

6.  Avoid simply copying and pasting sections from your CV as this could give the impression that you are not prepared to put time and effort into your application.

7.  Check your cover letter for errors and also pass it on to a friend to proofread – a fresh pair of eyes are more likely spot mistakes that may have been overlooked.

Cover letter tips

How do I structure my letter?

To help with layout and content, download this cover letter template. Remember to change the content to reflect your experience and the role you are applying for.

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