The CATS Personal Development Awards

The CATS Personal Development award sponsored by Hartpury University is designed to award the person who has put the most dedication and effort into developing their career after using the CATS service.  The judges look for someone who has been proactive and has taken every opportunity available to develop themselves in the racing industry.

Read more about the 2021 Winner and shortlist below and read the full story HERE.

Winner 2021

David Arbuthnot

Following a long career as a racehorse trainer, despite knowing that he wanted to stay in the industry David was unsure what direction to take his career following retirement so came through the CATS service for some intensive careers coaching sessions. Through exploring his strengths and passions it became clear to him that he would like to try and offer something back to the industry in some way. Therefore, he took the challenging decision to embark on his journey to become a qualified counsellor funded by an NTFCT grant and is now studying for his Level 4 counselling qualification which will allow his to practice as a counsellor in the industry.

Highly Commended 2021

Maddy O Meara

Maddy is head girl and first international travelling person to trainer Andrew Balding and it was her interest in fitness and nutrition alongside a plan to provide classes for her colleagues in the yard which led her to the CATS service. With funding from the NTF’s Charitable Trust through CATS, she completed her level 2 and 3 qualifications in personal training alongside a level 4 in nutrition and is now using this to run a range of wellbeing classes to the team at Kingsclere.

Highly Commended 2021

Jess Bedi

Having started training point to pointers it soon became a goal for Jess to have her full training licence and she used the CATS service to achieve this goal. After been advised on the training route she would need to take Jess obtained funding through the NTFCT to complete her Level 3 NVQ and trainers modules and having been granted a licence is now up and running a successful training business. She has trained two winners to date so far, the first of which she even rode herself!