Professional Development

CATS is here to help you achieve your career aspirations through professional development


Professional Development Plan

Racing has its own Professional Development Plan (PDP) which can be used to help you focus, plan and take action where your career is concerned.  A PDP is a written document which allows you to reflect on the skills and knowledge you already have gained and plan ahead to develop yourself further.

Who is it for?

The PDP is relevant to you regardless of what role you play in the industry

We recognise that a variety of vital skills are required to work in jobs across racing and this document will help you reflect on skills that you already possess.  It will also look at how those skills could be transferred to other roles in the industry and help you identify what additional learning you may need to acquire in the future to progress your career.  You can start working on your PDP at anytime in your career, be it when you are just starting out in the industry or when you have become more established.

How do I use a PDP?

A PDP is a self-help tool and can be worked on independently by yourself

However, sometimes it helps to have PDP coaching session to help you get started which you can do with a trained CATS adviser through Racing’s Support Line.  An experienced colleague, your manager or someone you might count as a mentor or coach could also help you to start working on your PDP.

How do I get started?

You can start by downloading an editable version of your PDP

This can either be saved on your computer or printed out.  Alternatively, arrange a PDP coaching session with a CATS adviser by calling us on 0800 6300 443.  Following your call, a CATS telephone session will be arranged for a day and time to suit you. You will speak with a trained advisor who will assist you with the PDP as well as the next steps in your racing career.  Our CATS advisor will work with you to answer any questions you might have, assess your current situation, explore the options available to you and offer further support based on your career and / or training needs.

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