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Closing date approaches for Lycetts Team Champion Award

The Lycetts Team Champion Award was established to recognise and reward best employment practices in training yards across the country.  Nominations for this year’s award close on 3rd April 2020.

The objectives of the award are to:

  1. Reward yards where staff are managed to the highest standards
  2. Showcase how developing a high-performance team has positive effects on training businesses – including successful recruitment and increased staff retention
  3. Spread the message about safe working practices
  4. Champion British racehorse trainers as some of the best employers in the country.

A £4000 prize awaits the winner in each of two categories; yards with 40 or more horses, and yards with fewer than 40 horses.  Last year’s award was won by Tom Dascombe and team (over 40 horses), with Jedd O’Keeffe racing taking the title for under 40 horses.

All entries are eligible for Lycetts Team Champion Accreditation – Standard or Gold, depending on the points earned from the nomination. Trainers can choose not to compete for the award and apply only for accreditation.

Get your applications in

To apply for the 2020 Award and Accreditation – register your intention to nominate by sending an email to  A video guide for applicants is available via the National Trainers Federation website

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