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Giulia’s story

Giulia Cerrato from Italy, has been in England for ten years, having previously worked in racing as head travelling girl and work rider.  Giulia received careers support from Racing Welfare and tells us her story below:

“Following an accident, I was in hospital and Racing Welfare contacted me; I had also been advised by my colleagues and employer to contact them. The team helped me really quickly and even assisted my family from Italy find accommodation while I was in hospital. It’s difficult for people coming over from abroad, they often feel lonely coming here so it was great for my mum to have that extra support from Racing Welfare.

Since my accident, Racing Welfare has helped me with careers advice through CATS, including the chance to go on courses and seminars. I did a racing secretary course, I did seminar in Newmarket and they also found me an English business course which I’m going to start next week. I am extremely grateful; the team from Racing Welfare really have been amazing.

It has really helped me with my confidence to do all these courses and it also helped that I have never felt alone. I always felt somebody was there to help me if I needed it. I would like to find a job with the BHA, my dream job is to become a steward or a raceday assistant, so I had two shadowing days that Racing Welfare arranged for me, one of which was with the BHA. At the moment CATS is offering ongoing support to help me to find a job. 

I have also been supported a lot with getting my settled status because of Brexit, it is more difficult than it looks finding all the documents and Racing Welfare advised me about a citizens advice service in Cirencester which I didn’t even know existed. Welfare Officers Adam and Nicola have been amazing.

I would recommend CATS to anyone in the industry. The careers advice I received has definitely helped me and the support I had after the accident was incredible.  I would definitely use CATS again in the future and I ran the Hampton Court half marathon to raise money for Racing Welfare last year. I would like to do another half marathon to raise money if I can find the time to get fit again!”

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