Why Develop Your Staff

There are many reasons for providing training opportunities to your employees.

Developing Staff

Developing the skillset of your staff will result in a more capable, skilled workforce which will ultimately make them better at their jobs.  Coupled with this, the chances are that your employees will feel more valued, motivated and more likely to stay with you if you are proactive when it comes to training and development. As such, investing in the training and development of your team can have major benefits for your business.


Investing in the training and development of your team

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A better trained workforce is likely to be more productive as they gain the necessary skills to be able to carry out various tasks independently.  This saves time for your more experienced staff having to teach them, or do tasks themselves, allowing the workplace to run more smoothly.  Also, people who feel valued and motivated through training are more likely work harder.

Staff who feel valued by employers who have invested in their career development are more likely to be more loyal to you as their employer.

Employee Loyalty

Staff who feel valued by employers who have invested in their career development are more likely to be more loyal to you as their employer.  Not only are they more likely to stay with you but will also act as a great advocate for your business to the wider industry.  This can obviously generate great PR for your operation and attract more clients.

Attracting Talent

An employer who has a good reputation for staff development is a real draw talented people who have the ambition and aptitude to succeed in their roles.  

Learn from Others

People who take part in training courses will usually be doing so with representatives from other businesses, therefore a lot can be learned about other organisations good – and bad – practice which can benefit your own business hugely.  There can be a worry that developing your people may mean that they end up leaving you; however training and treating people well often leads to them coming back more experienced in a more senior role.  Not only do they know your business well, but can bring with them positives learnings and information from your competitors.

How can I access training and development for my workforce?

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Training your team

Training your team can be daunting in financial terms, especially for small businesses.  The good news is that there is lots of free or part-funded industry training available these days.  For instance, the Regional Staff Development Programme provides a huge opportunity for funded training in regions across the UK.  Click here for more information. 

The racing industry has some fantastic initiatives available that your staff can apply for.  There are also a wealth of education and training opportunities to be accesse – check out our live Training Directory for courses in your area. 

CATS and the NTFCT can also provide individual employees with financial help to pay for training, click here to view all industry funding streams.

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