Career Coaching

Careers coaching with Work Clever

CATS has partnered with Care first and Work Clever to offer direct access to qualified careers coaches

What is Careers Coaching?

Essentially, career coaching helps you gain clarity and make decisions about what you want to achieve. Subsequently, you break down your goals into practical, manageable chunks.  And finally, and only when you have a clear outlook, you link this in a meaningful way to your work and life goals.  This means you feel ready and confident to act and resolve your career dilemma.

Your careers coach will work with you to help you overcome barriers and to step around obstacles that can prevent you from making positive life and career changes.  Careers coaching will provide you with a professional, safe, and confidential space.  Essentially, you get to develop your work and career ambitions in a practical and non-judgemental setting.


Career coaching – Menu of services:

  • Career progression
  • Executive coaching
  • Career assessment
  • Return to work
  • CV creation featuring CV Clever
  • Applications & interviews
  • Job search
  • Career change within the industry


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